Class Utilisation Summary for 2006

These pages list classes scheduled in 2006.

Data last updated:
S1 Fri Oct 20 02:00:26 EST 2006
S2 Fri Oct 20 02:00:46 EST 2006
X1 Fri Oct 20 02:00:07 EST 2006

Select a subject area and session from the list below:
Campus: Kensington
X1 S1 S2 ACCT Accounting
S1 S2 ACTL Actuarial Studies
S1 S2 AERO Aerospace Engineering
S1 S2 ANAM Anatomy
S1 S2 ANAT Anatomy
X1 S1 S2 ARCH Architecture
X1 S1 S2 ARTS Arts Administration
S1 S2 ASIA Asian Studies
S1 S2 ATAX Taxation Studies
S1 S2 ATSI Nura Gili (Indigenous Progrms)
X1 S1 S2 AUST Australian Studies
S1 S2 AVEN Aviation
X1 S1 S2 AVIA Aviation
X1 S1 S2 BEES Biological, Earth & Envir Sci
X1 S1 S2 BENV Built Environment
S1 S2 BINF Bioinformatics
S1 S2 BIOC Biochemistry
S1 S2 BIOM Biomedical Engineering
X1 S1 S2 BIOS Biological Science
X1 S1 S2 BIOT Biotechnology
X1 S1 S2 BLDG Building
X1 S1 S2 CEIC Chem Eng & Industrial Chem
X1 S1 S2 CHEM Chemistry
S1 S2 CHEN Chemical Engineering
X1 S1 S2 CHIN Chinese
S1 S2 CMED Community Medicine
S1 S2 COMD Comparative Development
S1 S2 COMM Commerce
X1 S1 S2 COMP Computer Science
S1 S2 CONS Construction Management
S1 S2 CRIM Criminology
X1 S1 S2 CVEN Civil and Environmental Eng
S1 S2 DANC Dance
S1 S2 ECON Economics
X1 S1 S2 EDST Education
S1 S2 ELEC Electrical Engineering
S1 S2 ENGG Engineering (Interdisciplinary)
S1 S2 ENGL English
S1 S2 ENVS Environmental Studies
S1 S2 EURO European Studies
X1 EXCH Exchange
X1 S1 S2 FINS Finance
S1 S2 FOOD Food Technology
S1 S2 FREN French
S1 FUEL Fuel Technology
X1 S1 S2 GBAT Business & Technology
X1 S1 S2 GENC Commerce GE
X1 S1 S2 GENE Engineering GE
X1 S1 S2 GENL Law GE
X1 S1 S2 GENM Medicine GE
S1 S2 GENR Built Environment GE
X1 S1 S2 GENS Science GE
X1 S1 S2 GENT Arts & Soc Sc GE
S1 S2 GENX Nura Gili (Indigenous Prog) GE
X1 S1 S2 GEOH Human Geography
S1 S2 GEOL Geology
X1 S1 S2 GEOS Geoscience
X1 S1 S2 GERS German Studies
S1 S2 GLST Global Studies
X1 S1 S2 GMAT Geomatic Engineering
S1 S2 GREK Greek Studies
S1 S2 GSBE Architecture
S2 GSOE Grad School of Engineering
S1 S2 HESC Health and Exercise Science
X1 S1 S2 HIST History
X1 S1 S2 HPSC History & Philosophy Science
S1 S2 IDES Industrial Design
X1 S1 S2 IEST Environmental Studies
S1 IMGT Information Management
S1 S2 INDC Industrial Chemistry
S1 S2 INDO Indonesian Studies
S1 S2 INFS Information Systems
X1 S1 S2 INOV Innovation
X1 S1 S2 INST International Studies
X1 S1 S2 INTA Interior Architecture
S1 S2 INTD Interdisciplinary Studies
S1 S2 IRSH Irish Studies
S1 S2 ITAL Italian
X1 S1 S2 JAPN Japanese Studies
S1 S2 JWST Jewish Studies
S1 S2 KORE Korean Studies
X1 S1 S2 LAND Landscape Architecture
S1 S2 LATN Latin
X1 S1 S2 LAWS Law
S1 S2 LEGT Business Law and Taxation
S1 S2 LIFE Life Sciences
S1 S2 LING Linguistics
S1 S2 MANF Manufacturing Engineering
X1 S1 S2 MARK Marketing
X1 S1 S2 MATH Mathematics
S1 S2 MATS Material Sc & Engineering
S1 S2 MDCM Media & Communications
X1 S1 S2 MDCN Medicine
S1 S2 MDSG Medicine
S1 S2 MECH Mechanical Engineering
S1 S2 MEDM Medicine
S1 S2 MEFT Media, Film and Theatre
S1 S2 MFAC Medicine
S1 S2 MFIN Master of Finance Courses
X1 S1 S2 MGMT Organisation and Management
S1 S2 MICR Microbiology
S1 S2 MINE Mining Engineering
S1 S2 MMAN Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering
S1 S2 MNNG Mining Engineering
S1 S2 MODL Modern Language Studies
S1 S2 MSCI Marine Science
S1 S2 MTRN Mechatronic Engineering
X1 S1 S2 MUSC Music and Music Education
S1 S2 MUSI Music & Music Education
S1 S2 NANO Nanotechnology
S1 S2 NAVL Naval Architecture
S1 S2 OBST Obstet & Gyn - RHW
S1 S2 OCEA Oceanography
S1 S2 OPTM Optometry
S1 S2 PAED Paediatrics
S1 S2 PATH Pathology
S1 S2 PATM Pathology
S1 S2 PECO Political Economy
X1 S1 S2 PHCM Public Health & Community Med
X1 S1 S2 PHIL Philosophy
S1 S2 PHPH Physiology & Pharmacology
S1 S2 PHPM Physiology and Pharmacology
S1 S2 PHTN Photonics
X1 S1 S2 PHYS Physics
X1 S1 S2 PLAN Planning & Urban Development
X1 S1 S2 POLS Politics and Int Relations
S1 S2 POLY Polymer Science
S1 S2 PSCY Psychiatry - PH/POW
S1 S2 PSYC Psychology
S1 S2 PSYM Psychiatry
S1 S2 PTRL Petroleum Engineering
X1 REGS Registrar's Division (X inst)
X1 S1 S2 REGZ Registrar's Division
S1 S2 REST Real Estate
S1 S2 RUSS Russian Studies
X1 SCIF Faculty of Science
X1 S1 S2 SCOM Science Communication
S1 S2 SENG Software Engineering
S1 S2 SERV Services Marketing
X1 S1 S2 SESC Safety Science
S1 S2 SLSP Social Science & Policy
X1 S1 S2 SOCA Sociology and Anthropology
S1 S2 SOCW Social Work
S1 S2 SOLA Photovoltaics and Solar Energy
S1 S2 SPAN Spanish & Latin American Stud
S1 S2 SURG Surgery - PH/POW
S1 S2 SUSD Sustainable Development
S1 S2 SWCH Women & Children's Health
S1 S2 TAHM Tourism and Hospitality Mgmt
S1 S2 TELE Telecommunications
S1 S2 THFI Theatre, Film & Dance Studies
S1 S2 THST Theatre, Film & Dance Studies
X1 S1 S2 UDES Urban Development Studies
S2 VISN Vision Science
X1 S1 S2 WOMS Womens Studies
Campus: College of Fine Arts
S1 S2 COFA College of Fine Arts
X1 S1 S2 GEND College of Fine Arts GE
X1 S1 S2 SAED Art Education
S1 S2 SAHT Art History
X1 S1 S2 SART Art
X1 S1 S2 SDES Design Studies
X1 S1 S2 SOMA Media Arts
S1 S2 ZACM Aerospace, Civil & Mech Eng
S1 S2 ZBUS Business
S1 S2 ZGEN University College GE
S1 S2 ZHSS Humanities & Social Sciences
S1 S2 ZINT University College (Intdiscp)
S1 S2 ZITE Information Tech & Elec Eng
S1 S2 ZPEM Physical, Environ & Mathematic